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SAmuel Moyer

Samuel Moyer Furniture is a loose collective of artists and makers, marshaled, coordinated and conducted by me, Sam Moyer.  We custom-make furniture and artful objects individually and in small run productions.  I love collaborating and translating ideas to objects.  My work is considered in every aspect, handled and touched, sustainable and traditionally derived as much as possible.  It’s also whimsical, unexpected, and a joy to make.

I’m originally from Bucks County Pennsylvania and I attended Brown University, before working for the New Jersey Barn Company.  Samuel Moyer Furniture was founded in 2003 and has clients on both coasts and a good handful of locations in between.  I’ve lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and most recently the Hudson River Valley where I have an old farmhouse which I share with my wife, daughter, dog, cats, and chickens.