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Jon Giswold

MADE BY HAND by Jon Giswold is an eclectic collection of modern heirlooms, stitched together out a variety of luxurious yarns and other organic materials. A small collection of blankets and throws brings together a lifetime of creative craft for Jon Giswold, a lifestyle and fitness expert, who finds solace and balance in the zen of knitting.

Jon returns to the design world, from designing his own signature line of menswear and made to order dresses in the 1990's, after an accomplished career in the fitness world as an educator and innovator.

His passion for knitting, a craft learned at the age of 10, produces a small collection of luxurious woolen blankets and throws that create a dynamic and textural accent to the modern aesthetic of today.  Special requests for table accents, toys and socks continue to push Jon's creative palette.