Grain Woodwork

Rob grew up outside of Philadelphia where he attended the Kimberton Waldorf School and graduated in 1993. He began his career working for a colonial restoration company where he learned the basics of early American construction, sparking a passion for building, architecture and fine woodwork that would drive and inspire the next 18 years of his life.

In 1997 he landed his first creative installation project, which allowed him a year of work at the Kimberton Waldorf School, creating more than a dozen hand carved signs and sculptures for the campus. He also offered his professional skills and knowledge of construction and design to renovation projects that were underway at this time.

In 1998 Rob began an apprenticeship with a well-known local Woodworker, Robert Harrington who quickly became a good friend and mentor. By 2001 Rob was a contributing designer as well as shop manager. This allowed Rob to come full circle and bring all of his skills together to create high end, artistic installations, renovations and furniture.

For the past eight years Rob has lived in Hudson, NY with his wife Sanne and two children Finn &Sula.

In 2010 he started GRAIN.