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Fernweh woodworking

Justin Nelson started Fernweh Woodworking in 2015. He calls his role "Designer/Craftsman" and cherishes both the woodworking and design elements of the company. A former Marine Officer, Justin has a bachelor's degree in business from Purdue University, and is a self-taught woodworker. He is inspired by the design philosophy and work ethic of Sam Maloof, and admires the legacy and designs of Hans Wegner and the Eames, among many others.

"I'm just a baby woodworker and designer, and to some extent I hope to always feel that way; no matter how much you learn, you should always be overwhelmed and excited by the oceans of things yet to be discovered. I hope to do my small part to keep the craft of woodworking not only alive, but fresh."

Fernweh Woodworking launched its first furniture line item in 2017, called "The Tripod Table." It was the first exploration into the seamless joinery that is now signature in all new furniture items. Next came "The Sling Chair" which won two awards at the Oregon IIDA Design Excellence Awards in Portland. Fernweh Woodworking is growing into a small-batch furniture studio with the goal of remaining organic and handmade through the whole process. Using the best tool for the job includes exploring everything from the beautiful hand tools from the likes of Lie-Nielsen and Veritas, to experimenting with new types of power tools that can make seamless joinery a time-efficient process.